Sure. We can begin to work on some ideas even if you have not finished with your book and you do not know the number of pages or even if you have not decided on its size.

You also undertake the printing or just the design.

At present only the design of the cover and the inside of the book. However, we can recommend several international publishing houses you can work with for printing.

Times can vary by case and according to the customer’s requirements. An average time to show you some drafts is about a week. From then on, if we come up with a draft according to the corrections that will be needed, the minimum is three days.

This varies by case however, because the first set of drafts may not completely satisfy you and more may be needed. In general, we avoid giving a precise timeline because there are many parameters that may delay the end result.

There are bundled offers on our first page. If nothing satisfies you and you would like to discuss a custom offer, we would gladly hear you. You can contact us HERE

We primarily work with Paypal’s platform but we can also accept cards.

  • Title, subtitle (if any) and author's name
  • A brief summary of what the book deals with
  • Size and number of pages
  • The publishing house where you intend to publish the book
  • Any books whose style you like and would like to apply in your own book
  • Any files or photos you would like us to use
  • Text for the back cover and optionally a photograph of the author and his resume
  • Ideas that you have and you would like to share with us. You can also suggest colors and fonts that you would like to use. If you have nothing in your mind do not worry. Leave it on us.

Some of them are some of them not. We collaborate with the world’s largest stock market companies and we buy packages with copyrighted designs and photographs all of which are licensed for us to use them.

Clearly we do not just put a photo or a drawing on the cover of the book. Each design has its own editing where it can be synthesized with various other designs and photos to add our own details in order to make it unique.

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